Resun King 1A & 1AF Impeller

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Impeller/Rotor Assembly to suit pond pumps:  Resun King 1, Resun King 1F, Resun King 1LV, Resun King 1FLV.  Also suits: Heron SP980

Impeller/Rotor Assembly to suit pond pumps:
Resun King 1A
Resun King 1AF
Resun King 1ALV
Resun King 1AFLV
Also Suits: Heron SP980

Length of shaft including rubber bushes: 57mm
Diameter of shaft: 2.5mm (stainless steel)
Diam of rubber bushes on shaft: 5mm
Length of rotor/impeller(no shaft): 42mm
Length of magnetic cylindrical rotor: 27mm
Rotor diameter: 11.8mm
Blade sweeping diameter: 27.8mm

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