Geotextile Underlay Fabric

Geotextile Underlay Fabric

Propex® Geotextiles are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality assurance procedures.

Propex® nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured from the extrusion of fibres which are then laid down on a manufacturing “bed” and then needle punched to entangle the fibres such that a dimensionally stable product is formed. Some additional thermal treatment is then applied to further improve the strength of the geotextile. Because of this manufacturing process non-woven geotextiles are generally best used in applications of drainage, filtration and protection.

Polypropylene geotextiles are highly durable & resistant to all naturally occuring soil acids and alkalis, and unaffected by fungi or bacteria.

Firestone Installation Guidelines require that the liner must be protected against slashing from hard sharp particles of 5mm or greater size. Consider also the possible damage by a falling tree branch or the slashing from a diving kookaburra or egret for a fish.

To do this Firestone recommend minimum 250gsm non-wovens geotextile. The acceptable alternative is to have a substrate of aggregate-free clay or sand.

We supply charcoal black coloured Propex® Geotextiles - See product data sheet on each product.

Supplied as:

  • Propex AS501 grade 170gsm (2m & 4m widths x 200m length rolls or cut to length off the roll). Gives clean worksite and some protection.

  • Propex AS801 grade 272gsm (2m & 4m widths x 115m length rolls or cut to length off the roll). Gives Firestone specified protection over & above the recommended 250gsm plus a clean worksite.

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