Fiskars Loppers Australia

We stock the higher-end European manfactured range of branch loppers which have proven to give long term reliability over many years.

These loppers are about half the weight of most competitive loppers, yet tahey possess nearly triple the cutting power. The super-smooth cutting action, even on large branches is no more difficult than slicing through a frozen stick of butter.

SPARE PARTS - Replacement cutting blades and handle end caps (some models)

Guide to correct selection

  • Bypass Secateur-style head: Can't reach with the secateurs? - then use this tool. For clean-cutting green living smaller branches & laterals up to 28mm diameter and can be hard up to the trunk. Ideally suited for pruning grape vines, rose bushes and orchard use.

    The L72 & L76 are not designed for general branch lopping.

  • Bypass Hook Head: For shaping & lopping green living branches of trees & shrubs with diameters up to 55mm, depending on model lopper selected.

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