Aluminium 6063

Aluminium 6063

The Aqualux Lumena range uses the latest in 12V - 24V AC/DC MultiVoltage LED technology from CREE. It is suitable for a wide variety of architectural and landscape lighting projects being precision CNC machined from extruded profiles of AL6061-T3 Aluminium and then anodised or powder coated in a selection of colours. Similar materials and processes are utilised in the aerospace, marine (yacht masts) and automotive racing industries. These finishes have superior long-term durability, thermal conductivity and low-maintenance qualities when compared to Stainless Steel.
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Consider our 24V MultiVoltage LED advantage. Very long cable runs on 24V with 3.3mm² cable

For Aqualux 24V/12V Voltage Drop Calculator regarding cable sizing & distance, click link

Assembled here in Sydney, Australia to order only. Please allow 10 working days before shipping

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